Current Students

Choosing a mentor. Designing experiments. Studying. Learning how to teach. Planning your career. Taking classes. Writing your dissertation. Presenting your research. Juggling all of that with your personal life. How do you do it all? The Graduate Division is here to help.


Resources for Students in the Graduate Division

In addition to your mentor and your program administrator, the Graduate Division is part of your support network at UC San Francisco. Turn to the Graduate Division for advice, ideas, and resources in all the following areas. (Be sure to explore also the Student Success website for a broader look at the resources available to you as a student.)

Career Development

UCSF envisions a broad range of possible career options in both the public and private sectors for our graduates. New programs that will enhance career exploration opportunities and career development planning for our students and postdocs are underway. Find out more about career development resources.

Financial Support

Financial support is available for graduate students in the form of fellowships and scholarships, and through employment as a research or teaching assistant. See more about financial support options.

Diversity Programs and Resources

The Graduate Division advocates for diversity (in all the varied senses of that word!) and recognizes that the inclusion of students with a broad range of perspectives improves both the practice of science and the educational experience for everyone. Read more about diversity initiatives.

Personal Support

Struggling to keep up? Feeling overwhelmed? With so much on your plate, you may hit bumps in the road. Don't despair! Find out about the many resources available to you.

Undocumented Students

UCSF Undocumented Student Support Services is a virtual resource center for the undocumented community on our campus. Here, you'll find DACA updates as well as information about your civil rights and legal services.

Got Questions?

We have answers! The Graduate Division is a central hub of practical information for students. Can't find what you need on this website? Contact us. If you have suggestions for resources that might be included on this site, please contact Jeannine Cuevas, communications director: [email protected] or 514-4852. Be sure to also explore the Student Success website for a broader look at the resources available to you as a student.

Our Partners

The Graduate Division works with other units throughout the University, but works especially closely with:

  • Associated Students of the Graduate Division
  • International Students and Scholars Office
  • Office of Career and Professional Development
  • Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
  • Student Academic Affairs
  • Student Services at Mission Bay
  • University Development and Alumni Relations
  • University Relations