Grad Slam Info Session at Mission Bay

Byers Hall 215

Calling all PhD students who have advanced to candidacy! The ability to articulate the significance of your research in a concise way to people who do not have expertise in your field will be crucial to you throughout your career, whether you choose to work inside or outside of academia. Entering the Grad Slam contest, which challenges you to present your dissertation research in three minutes or less, will help you hone this very important skill.  Wide student participation will also help us to showcase the important research that you are involved in here at UCSF.  

To incentivize you to participate, the Graduate Division is offering a cash prize of $3,000 to the winner; $1,500 to the runner-up; and $750 for the “people's choice" in this year's contest. Additionally, each eligible student who submits a video that meets the contest criteria will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

Come and hear more about this exciting opportunity at one of our informational sessions.  A separate session will be held at Parnassus.

Read more information on the contest and the complete rules.