Mission Bay: Tax Issues Associated with Reporting Fellowships

Mission Hall 2100 (Mission Bay)

The Office for Postdoctoral Scholars has organized a workshop to help you understand your tax obligations: "Discussion for Postdoctoral Fellows and Postdoctoral Paid Directs on the Tax Considerations Associated with their Stipends." The same content will delivered at Parnassus and Mission Bay.

Mr. John Barrett, manager of Tax Services at the UC Office of the President, and his staff will lead this discussion/workshop. Mr. Barrett cannot provide anyone with "tax advice." He will lay out general information about various tax considerations and will point you to the available Internal Revenue Service resources that you should know about.

PLEASE NOTE: These meetings are specifically intended for certain graduate students who are paid through a fellowship; postdocs who have a 3253 title code (postdoctoral fellow) and receive a stipend through UCSF; and postdocs who have a 3254 title code (postdoc paid-directs). The information presented will not pertain to postdoc employees (title code 3252), since taxes are already deducted from their paychecks.