Internal Fellowships Matrix

Click on the name of the fellowship to see a full description and additional parameters of the award. Note that the number of awards and stipend amounts are subject to change based on available funding. The information below applies to the 2019-20 academic year.

of awards
yr in program
as of 9/2019
Competitive Awards                
ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) Scholarship1 12

Basic Sciences

1-5 no US $16,000 no no
Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship2 2 Social Sciences 1 no US/Perm Res/AB 540 $30,000 yes no
Fletcher Jones Fellowship 2 all 2-5 yes none $10,000 no no
Graduate Dean's Dissertation Completion Fellowship3 2 Social Sciences 3-5 yes US/Perm Res/AB 540 $25,000 yes no
Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship4 2 all 2-5 no US/Perm Res/AB 540 $10,000 yes no
Julius and Patricia Krevans Fellowship 2 all 1-5 no none $10,000 no no
Lloyd Kozloff Fellowship 2 all 1-5 no none $10,000 no no
Matilda Edlund Scholarship 2 all 1 no none $10,000 no no
Ralph Kellogg Endowed Chancellor's Fellowship 1 Basic Sciences 1 no none $25,000 no no
Rosenberg-Hill Graduate Research Fellowship5 2 Social Sciences 3-5 no none $40,000 yes no
UC Dissertation-Year Fellowship Program (DYFP)6 1 all 3-5 yes US/Perm Res/AB 540 $21,000 yes no


1 Repeat awards encouraged; former recipients may be nominated again.

2 Offered during the annual admissions cycle; awardees notified in April. Two-year award; automatically renewed for year 2.

3 Fall/winter resident fees plus spring filing fee; recipients must graduate by end of spring term; Graduate Division chooses recipients.

4 Former recipients may be nominated for an additional year of support.

5 Graduate Division chooses recipients.

6 Includes a $1,000 travel allowance for presenting research.


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