Prospective Students

UC San Francisco is dedicated to promoting health worldwide through advanced biomedical research and graduate level education in the life sciences and health professions. Among the highest ranked research intensive institutions in the country, UCSF is the only campus in the 10-campus UC system dedicated exclusively to health and life sciences.

Graduate Programs

The UCSF Graduate Division offers over 25 graduate degree programs in basic and translational sciences, social and population sciences, and clinical sciences. Graduate programs are housed within all four professional schools at UCSF, and our award-winning faculty members in all disciplines deliver courses and mentor students. Most graduate programs are interdepartmental, harnessing the power of cross-disciplinary collaboration to bring about innovation and foster scientific discovery. Note that you may apply to only one program, so it is important to consider which one most closely matches your interests and desired career path.

Financial Support

Financial support is available in the form of fellowships, scholarships, and employment as research or teaching assistants. Our programs offer competitive support packages.

Career Development

UCSF recognizes the broad range of possible career options in both the public and private sectors for our graduates. New programs that will enhance career exploration opportunities and career development planning for our students and postdocs are underway. Find out more about career planning and development resources.

Diversity Programs and Resources

The Graduate Division advocates for diversity – in all the varied senses of that word – and recognizes that the inclusion of students with a broad range of perspectives improves both the practice of science and the educational experience for everyone. Read about the Graduate Division's diversity and outreach programs.

Serious about applying?

If you are serious about applying to UCSF or if you have already applied, be sure to look into the many other aspects of being a student at UC San Francisco, e.g. benefits, courses and grading, campus resources, and more. You can also go straight to the applications website.