Research Recovery for Trainees Town Hall Q&A

The Graduate Division received over 300 questions (via Zoom chat) at the Town Hall on Graduate Students, Postdocs, and Plans for Basic Science Research Recovery on May 7. This Q&A reflects the key concerns attendees raised. In some cases, the answers below have been augmented since the live event to provide you with the most useful, current information, we could find in these categories:

Transportation/Child Care     Safety/Security     Working in a Lab      PPE, Testing, Screening

Be sure to read the complete Guidance for Onsite Laboratory Research Activities, issued May 13, watch the latest research town hall, and keep up with all the latest developments through the Office of Research.

Transportation and Child Care

Safety and Security

Working in the Lab

Please review thoroughly the Guidance for Onsite Laboratory Research Activities, with special attention to the "1:8 rule of thumb," relating to how many people may be in the lab.

PPE, Testing, and Screening

The Office of Research worked closely with Environmental Health and Safety, to ensure that appropriate protections are in place to protect trainees from both exposure to COVID-19 and the hazards of the lab.

If you missed the May 7 Town Hall from which these questions were drawn, you can still watch a recording online.