Support and Resources for Students at UCSF

There are numerous sources of support—academic, practical, and personal—that students can tap into at UCSF. Here's a sample. For the full picture, visit the Student Success website.

When the Going Gets Tough

Student Health and Counseling
Student Health and Counseling (SHCS) is dedicated to providing students with high-quality healthcare and wellness services, including primary care, counseling and psychological services, drop-in appointments for consultation, wellness programs, immunizations, and more. Visit the SHCS website.

Office of the Ombuds
The Office of the Ombuds offers a safe, confidential place to talk about campus-related problems. The Ombuds will listen and review matters, explore options, make inquiries, and make referrals as appropriate and/or facilitate resolutions in an impartial manner. Phone 502-9600 or visit the Ombuds website.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response
UCSF is committed to creating and maintaining a community that is free of all forms of intimidation, exploitation, violence and harassment. Sexual harassment, sexual offenses, and acts of sexual violence, including domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking are strictly prohibited. To tap into resources or for more information, visit the website of UCSF's Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Team. See also the Clery Act Security Statistics and information about UC's policy on violence against women.

If you need assistance for yourself or another person, you may also contact the confidential CARE advocate, Denise Caramagno, directly at 415/502-8802 or email: [email protected].

The Tough Get Going

Campus Shuttles
Campus shuttles run frequently and will get you from one campus to another, as well as to/from BART. See the Transportation website for real-time shuttle information, routes and timetables, and service alerts.

Campus Life Services' website also offers information about parking on campus, biking to campus, alternative transportation options, and pre-tax savings programs for commuters.

Safety Escort Service
If you are leaving campus after dark or if you have to walk through an area that just doesn't feel safe to you, be encouraged to use a safety or night shuttle escort, provided by the UCSF Police Department.

Looking to Build Community?

International Students
If you are an international student, there are lots of resources and programming available to you through the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO). Visit the ISSO website to find out more about what the ISSO does, and be sure to check out the great list of resources that the ISSO put together especially for international students and postdocs.

Clubs and Organizations
As the song goes, we all get by with a little help from our friends. Reaching out to your peers and making friends is important for your well-being, and having a strong support network will ensure your success at UCSF and beyond. Check out the list of registered clubs and organizations to connect with others who share your personal, professional, political, or creative interests.

Associated Students of the Graduate Division (ASGD)
The ASGD is made up of UCSF graduate students in the basic, social, and translational sciences programs. The ASGD's mission is to improve the quality of graduate student life, to represent diverse student needs and to advocate for student rights and interests. Visit the ASGD's OrgSync page for monthly meeting schedules and more information about the group's activities. Note that, due to a recent restructuring in student governments across campus, some students who are in Graduate Division programs are now represented by different student government bodies; nursing master's students, for example are represented by the Associated Students of the School of Nursing. Students in the physical therapy programs are represented by a new student government, Associated Students of Physical Therapy. This page will be updated as the new structure is more established.

Or Just Looking for the Community Building?

Never fear, campus maps are here! Maps available for Laurel Heights, Parnassus, Mount Zion, Mission Bay, Veterans Affairs, San Francisco General Hospital, and other UCSF-affiliated sites.

Support for Those with Families

My Family @ UCSF
This portal is a centralized location for parents and others to find information in child, youth, and older adult services at UCSF and in the Bay Area. Students are also invited to join an email list just for UCSF families. You'll receive monthly updates on family programs and events including: free parent education workshops, performing arts and entertainment events, holiday and summer camps, youth aquatics, martial arts and more. Go to the My Family portal.

Accommodations for Nursing Mothers
UCSF promotes a family-friendly study and work environment and recognizes the importance and benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and their infants. The University will make private space available for lactation purposes and will provide lactation break periods for students or employees who are breastfeeding. See the Breastfeeding Services website or call 353-2566 for more information or to schedule time with a lactation consultant.

Child Care & Family Services at UCSF strives to meet the diverse needs of UCSF faculty, student, and staff through its child care centers, referral service, parent lecture series, and other alternative resources.

Support for Those with Bodies

Student Health and Counseling
As stated above, Student Health and Counseling (SHCS) provides students with high-quality healthcare and wellness services, including primary care, counseling and psychological services, drop-in appointments for consultation, wellness programs, immunizations, and more. Visit the SHCS website.

Student Disability Services (SDS)
UCSF is committed to providing equal access to all programs, services, and activities. SDS is available to assist students with obtaining the services and accommodations required to ensure equal access to all aspects of the UCSF experience. See the Graduate Division disability accommodations process or the SDS website for more information.

Ergonomics Program
The Ergonomics program can help ensure that you are working safely, efficiently, and comfortably in your lab or work area. Even changing the type of pipette you use can make a big difference! See the Ergonomics website for details. (The Ergonomic Program is part of the Environmental Health and Safety unit of the Office of Research.)

When You Need a Place to Call Home

The San Francisco Bay Area is a great place to live, but — It's no secret — rents are high. Explore your options for living on or off campus.

When You Need Money

Financial Support
Worried about paying for school? The Graduate Division may be able to help you with a merit based fellowship, childcare grant, travel, or research award. Together with your graduate program, we can also help you navigate through the application process for other types of support. Check out the section on financial support on this website.

When You Need a Good Read

Synapse — UCSF's online student newspaper
Synapse, published on Thursdays during the academic year, serves as a forum for the campus community and is an entertaining way to stay on top of what's happening on campus. Bookmark the Synapse website,, and visit often.

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Off-Campus Resources
San Francisco Women Against Rape
Community United Against Violence
Alcoholics Anonymous San Francisco
T.A.L.K. Line for Parents
Narcotics Anonymous San Francisco Area
Ohlhoff Recovery Programs
Overeaters Anonymous
Domestic Violence Hotline
Family Violence Project
National Organization for Women
National Sexual Assault Hotline
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline