Volume 3 | Number 2 | July 2022


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From Dr. Jason Sello...


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One of the most wonderful times of year is the end of the academic year for so many of us in our community of scholars. First-year students can reflect on successfully navigating the highs and lows of courses and rotations that have expanded their minds and skills. Second-year students can bask in the afterglow of completed qualifying exams wherein they demonstrated mastery of new fields and presented brand new data that convince faculty members that their projects will be exciting ad fruitful. A subset of more advanced students is granted the coveted Ph.D. degree for research projects that have expanded the scope of or even

changed the course of inquiry in a field. Regardless of the stage in graduate education, this is a time to celebrate because each success (those big and small) reflects hard work, signifies resilience through failure, and affirms talent! Surviving and thriving through a protracted global pandemic only heightens the case for reveling in the good that we have achieved and the awesome opportunities that lie ahead for us to pursue. It’s my hope that everyone in our community will take a moment to reflect on and celebrate their own successes, but also on those of others.


2021-2022 Fellowship Awardees

Congratulations to the following members of the IMSD community who are awardees for prestigious fellowships this spring!


Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Scholarship

Miguel Guardado, Biological and Medical Informatics


Bakar Computational Health Science Fellowship

Dani Rodea, Biophysics


Benioff Center for Microbiome Medicine Fellowship

Ivan Chavez, Biomedical Sciences


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP)


Ivan Chavez, Biomedical Sciences

Jesus Marcial Madigral Lombera, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Alvincé Pongos, Bioengineering


Graduating IMSD Students and Friends

Congratulations as well to the following members of the IMSD community who graduated this year!

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Ekland Abdiwahab


Program: Epidemiology and Biostatistics



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Dina Buitrago Silva


Program: Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics


Next Steps: Completing dissertation writing and afterward, I will be applying for an industry job, hopefully one that focuses on studying and treating rare diseases which is what I study now!

Image Description: A photo of Muryam A. A. Gourdet wearing a denim jacket smiling at the camera.

Muryam A. A. Gourdet


Program: Tetrad


Next Steps: Scientist at Tipping Point Biosciences

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Fauna Yarza


Program: Biomedical Sciences


Next Steps: Scientist at Actym Therapeutics


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Image description: A photo of graduates, family members, friends and UCSF community members sitting in the Herbst Theatre.


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