Summer Research Program

UC San Francisco offers exciting summer research opportunities for undergraduate students in the health sciences.

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Students selected for summer research at UC San Francisco spend up to ten weeks working with UCSF faculty members on research projects. Participants in the program take part in seminars, lectures, and social events, creating a cohesive and supportive community. At the end of the program, students give presentations of their research and get valuable feedback from students, postdocs, and faculty at UCSF.

Participants in the program must be undergraduate students who are planning to earn a PhD in one of the disciplines offered by the UCSF Graduate Division listed below.

Although the funding sources for these programs vary, students in the following programs will participate primarily as a single group.

Summer Research Training Program (SRTP)
The SRTP provides research opportunities in the biomedical and biological sciences. Students are supported in these programs by funds from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Genentech, the University of California Office of the President, and UCSF Graduate Division.

NSF-REU Summer Research Program
The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program provides state of the art hands-on training in the methods and logic of molecular biosciences with the goal of facilitating undergraduate students' successful transition to graduate research. Mentors for this program are drawn from the entire UCSF faculty and broadly represent all major approaches to modern biology.

Amgen Scholars Program
The Amgen Scholars Program provides summer research opportunities at UCSF for undergraduates in science and biotechnology. In addition to the summer research experience at UCSF, participants join other Amgen Scholars from across the country at a symposium where they share their summer experiences.

Graduate Group in Biophysics
The Graduate Group in Biophysics offers students the opportunity to sharpen their research skills and enhance their graduate applications. In addition to laboratory research, all participants take part in all other aspects of the Summer Research Training Program (SRTP) for a comprehensive summer program.

Graduate Group in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics
The Graduate Group in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics offers students the opportunity to sharpen their research skills and enhance their graduate applications. In addition to laboratory research, all students participate fully with the Summer Research Training Program (SRTP) for a comprehensive summer experience.

UCSF-Tuskegee Partnership in Bioengineering
The UCSF-Tuskegee Partnership in Bioengineering provides summer research opportunities with bioengineering faculty at UCSF for undergraduate students at Tuskegee university majoring in engineering or the physical sciences. Additional activities are provided during the summer and school year to train students how to design experiments, critically analyze data, and effectively communicate results to the scientific community.



A completed application must include:

  • Application and personal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Copy of college transcript(s)


Program Features
In addition to daily research, students also participate in:

  • Seminars on scientific and professional development
  • Journal talks
  • A GRE preparation course (optional)
  • Small group meetings and activities
  • Social and cultural events
  • Oral and poster presentations

Participant Benefits
Students receive a total package worth over $8,000 including:

  • $ 4,000 stipend
  • A $500 allowance for travel to and from San Francisco
  • Housing in San Francisco (double-occupancy)
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Public transportation pass

Graduate Programs and Summer Research Areas

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Biological and Biomedical Informatics
Biomedical Sciences
Cell Biology
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Developmental Biology
Epidemiology and Translational Research
Oral and Craniofacial Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics


For further information, please contact Julia Clark, outreach and student program coordinator in the Graduate Division, tel 415/514-3510, fax 415/514-0844.