The Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Team Monthly Picks

The JEDI team makes monthly content recommendations to create dialogue with those interested in following along. If you prefer not to purchase recommended books, please check first with members of the JEDI team to borrow their copies, or check your local libraries! 

June 2023 Selections

- in honor of Pride Month -

"Quote by and image of Audre Lorde"

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare” - Audre Lorde

– Dr. D'Anne Duncan, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Learner Success




"Logo for ADODI National: Black Men Supporting Men"

For PRIDE, I wanted to share a pick that was a little different. In these celebratory months, it feels nice to uplift heroes like James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, and Bayard Rustin. This month, I wanted to celebrate Black same gender loving men. I personally have learned so much about expressing and accepting myself, loving others, how to be in community, rejecting a colonial mindset, and countless other lessons from Queer Black Men. While researching my pick this month, I learned about that powerful community ADODI whose principles are rooted in Yoruba society. For me, these types of communities provide ways of being that allow us to reconnect to both our histories and one another in ways that can transform our lives.

- Zachary Smith, Diversity and Outreach Program Manager


"Movie Poster for Kumu Hina (2014)"

For PRIDE month, I would like to highlight the independent film, Kumu Hina (2014). This film captures the story of Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, a native Hawaiian mahu teacher/community leader, who empowers youth to challenge the gender binary by reclaiming indigenous Hawaiian “Māhū” culture. “Māhū,” an indigenous Hawaiian term that describes people who embrace both feminine and masculine traits, and who have important responsibilities within their culture, such as healers, caregivers, and teachers. I love how the film traces “Māhū” in the Hawaiian tradition and gender fluidity as part of Hawaii, Tahiti, and Pacific histories. The movie offers an alternative way to engage with current issues surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community by reclaiming indigenous history and Māhū culture.

- Shinyi Hsieh, Rosenberg-Hill Graduate Research Fellow, 2022-2023


"Book cover for Tomboy Survival Guide by Ivan E. Coyote"

In celebration of Pride Month, I would like to share the work of trans writer and performer, Ivan E. Coyote. Coyote is the author of over a dozen books which span topics of gender, identity, and social justice as well as bring queer representation to Canadian literature. I have found their memoir, Tomboy Survival Guide, and their TEDTalk, “We all need a safe place to pee”, particularly powerful. I was recently gifted a copy of their latest book, Care Of, which I am excited to read!

- Jessica Ip, Diversity Programs and Events Coordinator


Past Selections

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