The Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Team Monthly Picks

The JEDI team makes monthly content recommendations to create dialogue with those interested in following along. If you prefer not to purchase recommended books, please check first with members of the JEDI team to borrow their copies, or check your local libraries!

May / June 2024 Selections

"Book cover for Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds by adreinne maree brown."

I am re-visiting this quote I shared last year as it remains relevant as we honor AAPI Heritage Month in May and PRIDE in June. “At the human scale, in order to create a world that works for more people, for more life, we have to collaborate on the process of dreaming and visioning and implementing the world.” - adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds.

– Dr. D'Anne Duncan, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Learner Success

"Poster for AAPI Women Lead Event on May 24, 2024."


This AAPI Heritage Month, I would like to uplift an in-person community gathering dedicated to AANHPI Heritage month. This event will be hosted by AAPI Women Lead, an organization that aims to strengthen progressive political and social platform of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the US through the leadership of API women, girls, and gender-expansive communities. They challenge and help end the intersections of violence against and within our communities and do this work in solidarity with other communities of color. The event itself will take place on May 24th from 4pm-8pm PST located in downtown Oakland. Registration opens May 1st, sliding scale tickets are available by emailing [email protected]. This event will offer good food, storytelling, tarot cards readings, and other healing and wellness offerings—children are welcome to join!

– Berty Arreguin, Rosenberg-Hill Graduate Research Fellow, 2023-2024

"Book cover for We Gon' Be Alright by Jeff Chang."

To honor AAPI Heritage Month, I chose to share We Gon’ Be Alright by Jeff Chang. Jeff Change has Chinese and Kanaka Maoli descent and pays homage to Kendrick Lamar's song "We Gon’ Be Alright". He asserts the interconnectedness of the historical racialization of people who have been deemed minoritized as inferior and their fight for equity.  He talks about the unique but also shared struggles of Asian Americans who occupy liminal spaces. This was a book that came to me early on in my understanding of systemic oppression, racial capitalism, and settler colonialism and continues to offer insights to me—our struggle is real and interconnected. His book is outdated in the sense that so much around race, racialization, and resegregation has changed since the book was published in 2016. However, much remains the same. Student protests and demonstrations continue to illuminate inequities that are systemically silenced in favor of racial capitalism and police brutality is still funded, and abolishment is rarely imagined as a possibility.

– Yvonne Garcia, Diversity and Outreach Program Manager

"Logo for CAAMFest 2024."

In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, I would like to share CAAMFest. CAAMFest, presented by the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM), is the world’s largest showcase for new Asian American and Asian film, food and music programs. I was introduced to CAAMFest by last year's Rosenberg-Hill Fellow, Shinyi, and had the pleasure of watching the Opening Night film, Joy Ride, as well as Karen Cho's film, Big Fight in Little Chinatown. I loved hearing from the actors and directors of both films and seeing the Asian community come together to support one another. If you are able to make it, I would highly recommend catching a film at CAAMFest this May. You can view the full festival schedule here.

– Jessica Ip, Diversity Programs and Assessments Specialist

Past Selections

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