Courses and Grading

Course Series

Courses are classified according to the regulations of the Academic Senate

  • Courses in the 100 series may be accepted for credit toward a graduate degree if approved by the graduate advisor
  • Courses in the 200 series are normally reserved for students registered in graduate status
  • Courses in the 300 series refer to work in teaching methods or practice and may be accepted toward a graduate degree
  • Courses in the 400 series are professional courses designed to meet requirements for certification and may not be accepted toward a graduate degree


Instructors are required to assign specific grades for all students and must file course reports with the registrar at the end of each quarter. Letters grades are reported as follows:

A = excellent  B = good  C = fair  D = barely passing  F = failure  I = incomplete  S= Satisfactory   U = Unsatisfactory  IP = in progress

A course in which a student receives a grade of D or F cannot be counted toward a graduate degree, but is calculated as part of the grade point average. If a student repeats a course for which a D or F was reported, the original grade will remain on the student’s record. It is imperative that grades are reported by the quarterly deadlines established by the registrar. Failure to report grades in a timely manner can affect a student’s eligibility for financial aid and graduation.

Incomplete Grade (I)

An incomplete grade is assigned when a student's work is of passing quality, but incomplete, for good cause. An incomplete grade must be removed within one calendar year. If it is not removed, the grade of F will be assigned.

Optional Grading (S/U)

Some courses are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis only. These are courses numbered 220, 250, 298, and 300. (Lab Rotations – 215 – may be approved as an exception.) In all other courses, S/U grading may be offered as an option to graduate students. Unless a student elects the S/U option, a letter grade must be assigned. In order to elect the S/U option, a graduate student must indicate S/U grading for the course on the study list. Pass-fail grades for graduate students are reported as S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory). An S grade is awarded for work that would otherwise receive a grade of B or better. Courses graded S are counted toward the unit requirement for a graduate degree but are not calculated in the grade point average. A U grade is assigned whenever a grade of C, D, or F would otherwise be given. Although no unit requirement is imposed for the doctoral degree, each student should complete a sufficient number of letter-graded courses to demonstrate concretely the academic quality of his/her scholarship.