Creating New Degree Programs

The following resources, on the website of the UC Office of the President, explain the procedures for creating a new graduate degree program. Faculty interested in creating a new program may wish to review these documents and then follow up with Nicquet Blake, PhD, dean of the Graduate Division, for further assistance.

UCOP Policy on Self-Supporting Graduate Degree Programs

UC Compendium (See section on the establishment of new graduate degree programs starting on pg 10.)

Many of our graduate programs operate as interdisciplinary graduate groups. An Interdisciplinary Graduate Group is a graduate degree-granting program whose faculty members may come from multiple, different departments. Each graduate group is governed by one or more program directors together with an executive committee. Because they have no permanent faculty, membership in Interdisciplinary Graduate Groups is determined by the executive committees.

Designated Emphasis Policy and Guidelines

(UCSF Graduate Council, updated December 2021)