Application Fee Waivers

Some applicants may qualify to have their application fee waived. Although some applicants receive automatic waivers based on prior program participation, waivers must still be processed manually in our system; therefore, requesting a waiver well in advance of the application deadline is necessary. Applicants will NOT be able to submit their application for program review until the waiver has been processed; however, they still have the option to pay the fee.

Waivers are processed each Monday during regular business hours, and applications must be at least 60% complete before a waiver is reviewed. The typical timeframe for waiver approvals is one to two weeks. Fee waivers are reviewed only by the Graduate Division Dean's Office and are not visible to or taken into consideration by the program to which you apply.

Note: If you request a waiver less than five days prior to your application deadline, chances are that it will not be approved in time and you will be expected to pay the application fee. Waivers should be requested at least two weeks prior to the application deadline.

How to Apply

Eligible applicants may apply for a fee waiver in the Payment Options section of the online application system. Applicants should not email individuals within UCSF to request an application fee waiver.

Applicants should follow instructions closely to learn what is required for the waiver type selected.

Note: International applicants are not eligible to apply for fee waivers.

Eligible Applicants

I. U.S. citizens or permanent residents participating in any of the following programs may request these application fee waivers via a drop-down menu in the application portal.


Status of Fee Waiver Application

The Graduate Division Dean's Office will notify you of the application fee waiver decision via email using the email address you listed in your application. If we approve your fee waiver, please submit your application once you have completed all sections.