Financial Support

It can be challenging to make ends meet when you're in school. The Graduate Division may be able to help you with an internal fellowship, childcare, travel, or research award. Together with your graduate program, we can also help you navigate through the application process for other types of support.

Apply for a Fellowship or Award

  • Internal Fellowships and Awards: The Graduate Division offers many internal fellowships and awards to eligible PhD students. Students must be nominated and are chosen for these annual awards each April by their individual programs.
  • Extramural Grants and Fellowships: Extramural fellowships distinguish the most meritorious research projects. Eligibility, support, and application procedures vary widely. Consult with your UCSF graduate program director, administrator, adviser, and the Graduate Division Dean's Office as you prepare applications. 
  • UC Multi-Campus Research Unit Fellowships: The University of California offers a number of system-wide fellowships. Each award has a specific purpose and application process.

Accept a Research or Teaching Assistant Appointment

Most academic departments and programs offer a limited number of research or teaching assistantships, which can provide you with income as well as valuable experience to build your CV. View general information about academic appointments, then contact your graduate program administrator for information. (Don't know who your program administrator is? See a list of contacts.)

Apply for a Travel Award

Attendance at scientific conferences is an important component of a graduate student’s training and career development. Explore the options for funding your conference travel.

Other Resources