Program Administrators

The following is a list of Graduate Division program administrators. You can also see a list of staff in the Graduate Division.

Graduate Program Administrator Email Address Phone (415+)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (TETRAD) Toni Hurley [email protected] 476-4326
Bioengineering PhD (joint with UC Berkeley) SarahJane Taylor [email protected] 476-5151
Bioengineering MTM (joint with UC Berkeley) Stephanie Brummett [email protected] 476-5714
Biomedical Imaging MS Rukayah Abdolcader [email protected] 353-4327
Biological and Medical Informatics Julia Molla [email protected] 476-1914
Biomedical Sciences Demian Sainz [email protected] 476-8467
Biophysics Rebecca Brown [email protected] 476-6671
Cell Biology (TETRAD) Toni Hurley [email protected] 476-4326
Chemistry and Chemical Biology Julia Molla [email protected] 476-1914
Clinical Research Certificate Program Clair Dunne [email protected] 514-8135
Clinical Research MAS Clair Dunne [email protected] 514-8135
Dental Hygiene MS Joanna Hill [email protected] 502-8740
Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Demian Sainz [email protected] 476-8467
Epidemiology and Translational Science Victoria Mansour [email protected] 514-8098
Genetics (TETRAD) Toni Hurley [email protected] 476-4326
Global Health Sciences MS Eva Wong-Moy [email protected] 476-5540
Global Health Sciences PhD Carolyn Doty (admissions questions)
Eva Wong-Moy (program support)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Health Policy and Law MS (joint with UC Hastings) Jessaca Machado [email protected] 476-4924
Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership MS Dayna Moore [email protected] 502-2069
History of Health Sciences PhD Kathryn Jackson [email protected] 476-7223
History of Health Sciences MA Kathryn Jackson [email protected] 476-7223
Medical Anthropology Kathryn Jackson [email protected] 476-7223
Neuroscience Pat Veitch [email protected] 476-2248
Nursing MEPN Steven Johnson [email protected] 476-3876
Nursing MS Mike McLaughlin [email protected] 476-9705
Nursing PhD Mike McLaughlin [email protected] 476-9705
Nursing MEPN, MS, PhD - funding questions Maria Elena DeGuzman [email protected] 502-0521
Oral and Craniofacial Sciences MS Roger Mraz [email protected] 502-7772
Oral and Craniofacial Sciences PhD Roger Mraz [email protected] 502-7772
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics Rebecca Brown [email protected] 476-6671
Physical Therapy Entry Level DPT Stephanie Wallace [email protected] 514-6777
Rehabilitation Science PhD Stephanie Wallace [email protected] 514-6777
Sociology Brandee Woleslagle [email protected] 476-3047