Graduate Division Degree Programs

Please note: Admissions to UCSF’s graduate programs are handled at the level of the individual programs. If you have questions about application criteria, processes or status please reach out to the program to which you are applying. Contact info is included on program pages linked below, and on the list of program administrators.

Many of our graduate programs operate as interdisciplinary graduate groups. An Interdisciplinary Graduate Group is a graduate degree-granting program whose faculty members may come from multiple, different departments. Each graduate group is governed by one or more program directors together with an executive committee. Because they have no permanent faculty, membership in Interdisciplinary Graduate Groups is determined by the executive committees.

PhD Programs

Basic and Biomedical Sciences

Social and Population Sciences

Master’s Programs

Professional Doctorates

Certificate Programs

Non-Degree Programs

PROPEL Post-Baccalaureate Training Program

Summer Research Training Program (SRTP) for undergraduate students


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