Program Administrators

The following is a list of Graduate Division program administrators. You can also see a list of staff in the Graduate Division Dean's Office.

Please note: Admissions to UCSF’s graduate programs are handled at the level of the individual programs. If you have questions about application criteria, processes or status please reach out to the administrator for the program to which you are applying. 

Graduate Program Administrator Email Address Phone (415+)
Artificial Intelligence and Computational Drug Discovery and Development MS Sabrina Villaro [email protected]  
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Tetrad) Toni Hurley [email protected] 476-4326
Bioengineering PhD (joint with UC Berkeley) Victoria Starett [email protected] 514-4861
Biomedical Imaging MS Mike Leon [email protected]  
Biological and Medical Informatics Rebecca Dawson [email protected] 476-6671
Biomedical Sciences Meredith Miner [email protected]  
Biophysics Nicole Flowers [email protected] 502-6518
Cell Biology (Tetrad) Toni Hurley [email protected] 476-4326
Chemistry and Chemical Biology Arezou Razavi [email protected]  
Clinical Research Certificate Program Clair Dunne [email protected] 514-8135
Clinical Research MAS Clair Dunne [email protected] 514-8135

Computational Precision Health
(joint with UC Berkeley)

Bianca Victorica [email protected]  
Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Meredith Miner [email protected]  
Epidemiology and Translational Science Eva Wong-Moy [email protected] 476-5540
Equity in Brain Health Certificate Stacey Yamamoto [email protected]  
Genetics (Tetrad) Toni Hurley [email protected] 476-4326
Genetic Counseling MS Amber Cobbett [email protected]  
Global Health Sciences MS

Tammy Spath (admissions)
Darlene Mergillano (progression)

[email protected]
[email protected]
Global Health Sciences PhD

Tammy Spath (admissions)
Darlene Mergillano (progression)

[email protected]
[email protected]
Health Data Science Certificate Eva Wong-Moy [email protected]  
Health Data Science MS Eva Wong-Moy [email protected]  
Health Policy and Law MS (joint with UC Law SF) Mallory Warner [email protected]  
Healthcare Administration and
Interprofessional Leadership MS
Melissa Delaney-Khan [email protected]  
History of Health Sciences PhD Bonita Dyess [email protected]  
History of Health Sciences MA Bonita Dyess [email protected]  
Medical Anthropology Bonita Dyess [email protected]  
Neuroscience Pat Veitch [email protected]  
Nursing DNP Shanna Abeloff [email protected]  
Nursing MEPN

Jill Poe
Megan Rilla

[email protected] 476-1435
Nursing MS Jill Poe
Megan Rilla
[email protected] 476-1435
Nursing PhD Debbie Acoba
(admissions and progression)
[email protected] 476-1435
Nursing MEPN, MS, and PhD - additional contacts

Shandel Rosen Roberts
(funding and allocation reports,
funding issues)
Sharon Chang (student funding)

[email protected]
[email protected]
Oral and Craniofacial Sciences MS Roger Mraz [email protected] 502-7772
Oral and Craniofacial Sciences PhD Roger Mraz [email protected] 502-7772
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics Isaac Kaijankoski [email protected]  
Physical Therapy DPT

Mike Tressel (admissions)

Angela Shoga (progression)

[email protected]

[email protected]

Post-Baccalaureate Programs      

Dentistry Post-bacc

Brennan Crilly [email protected]  

Medicine Post-bacc

LaTasha Mitchell [email protected]  

Pharmacy Post-bacc

Joel Gonzales [email protected]  
Rehabilitation Science PhD

Mike Tressel (admissions)

Angela Shoga (progression)

[email protected]

[email protected]

Sociology Brandee Woleslagle Blank [email protected] 476-3047
Summer Research Training Program (SRTP) D'Anne Duncan [email protected]  
Translational Medicine (MTM)
(joint with UC Berkeley)
Admissions inquiries [email protected]