Students with Dependents

"My Family" Portal for UCSF Families

Make sure to bookmark, a centralized resource for anyone in the campus community who has dependents or who is planning to have a family. You'll find information here on child care, child and youth programs at UCSF and in the Bay Area, elder care resources, lactation/nursing accommodations and breastfeeding services, nutrition, special needs, and lots more.

Parental Leave

Registered PhD students receiving financial support from the University may take up to ten weeks of paid parental leave in relation to childbirth, the adoption of a child, or the placement of a foster child under their care. PhD students continue to receive their current level of support during the ten weeks of paid parental leave regardless of the fund source. In the event the fund source does not provide ten full weeks of paid leave, it is the responsibility of the student's graduate program to provide the additional funding required. 

Registered PhD students may also take up to four weeks of paid medical/family leave in relation to their own serious health condition or to care for a qualifying family member who has a serious health condition. Read more about leaves of absence.

Lab Safety Considerations Related to Pregnancy

Students who are pregnant or who thinking about having a baby, especially those who work in a lab setting, should consult the following resources.

If you have questions, please contact your department safety advisor. If you are unsure who that is, consult the list of specialists on the Environmental Health and Safety website or call the EH&S office at 476-1300.