Dependent Care Benefits for Student Academic Employees

All UC academic student employees with eligible appointments shall be entitled to participate in the UC Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

Eligibility: An academic student employee (ASE) or graduate student researcher (GSR) with an approved title code and an eligible appointment of 43.75% effort or greater may enroll in the program. An ASE or GSR with multiple appointments is eligible if the combined eligible appointments equal at least 43.75%.

Enrollment: Newly hired ASEs and GSRs have a 31-day period of initial eligibility (PIE) to enroll in the DepCare FSA beginning with their date of hire. The employee may have additional PIEs during the calendar year if they experience a change in family status or employment status. Current ASEs and GSRs may enroll in the DepCare FSA during open enrollment. Check the UCSF Human Resources website in early October for the open enrollment period schedule.

Advantages of the Dependent Care FSA:

  • A planned approach to paying dependent care expenses—You set aside money that you will have to pay anyway in a pre-tax account from which you can draw to pay eligible dependent care expenses for your children or dependent adult family members.
  • Affordable pre-tax contributions—You contribute an equal portion of the total annual amount of your account by pretax deductions each pay period.
  • Tax savings—Because your deductions are taken before taxes, your tax liability is reduced.

For more information about the DepCare FSA plan, visit the At Your Service website.