FAQs for Implementation of New Labor Contracts for GSRs, ASEs, and Postdocs

UCSF Graduate Division, Labor and Employee Relations, and academic personnel continue to appreciate your patience and collaboration as questions/answers are added to this FAQ. We encourage you to check back periodically because updates will be made as more answers are received. Please find the ASE, GSR, and Postdoc Contract Implementation FAQs below.

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Last updated: November 17, 2023 (Will there be a limit (still) on GSRs being appointed over 50%? Since they won’t accrue vacation, is there anything else to consider?; Is there a minimum percentage required by either of the student contracts?)

Basic Principles and Concepts

The Contracts

Although the contracts are finalized, the PDFs are unformatted; links to the final articles can be viewed below. Formatted contracts will be posted on the UCOP website, Bargaining Units and Contracts.

Salary Scales and Timing

The new ASE and GSR contracts went into effect immediately following ratification. Some portions of the contracts, including wages, will be phased in over time. The new rates will govern our minimum compensation for graduate academic student employees.

The AY 2022-2023 salary rate is effective April 1, 2023, and future increases are expected to be effective each October. Updated salary scales, once formatted, will be posted annually on the UCOP website’s Academic Salary Scales.

Salary Scales & Information 

Appointment & Hiring

Time Reporting & Benefits


Child Care

Fee Remissions & Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition (NRST)

Wages, Salary Tables, Salary Range Adjustment

Teaching Assistants

Postdoctoral Scholars - PX Contract



Transition Issues