Equity in Brain Health Certificate

The Certificate in Equity in Brain Health is designed to increase understanding, capacity, and commitment to brain health and wellness and to help students access the resources and networks that they need to accelerate and achieve demonstrable impact in this field. This interdisciplinary program emphasizes an innovative training and networking platform and includes content modules in: clinicals/neurosciences; social determinants of health; ethics, law and society; health economics; creativity and equity in brain health; epidemiology; public and patient voice; health policy; skills and leadership. There is also an independently-developed review of research analysis methods for students to pursue, and a variety of Summer Electives for students to select. 

This 19-credit certification program is organized over four quarters including Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. The courses are taught using a flipped classroom model to promote discussion and peer learning. Lectures, case studies, team-based projects, and collaborative student-led discussions further support this dynamic, interdisciplinary learning environment.

There is also a capstone project in which students develop a grant proposal for a hypothetical project in their region of interest to resolve a significant issue related to advancing skills, knowledge, and activities to delay, prevent, and/or mitigate the impact of dementia.


Fellowship Manager
Stacey Yamamoto

Program Leadership
Howie Rosen, MD
Victor Valcour, MD, PhD
Bruce L. Miller, MD