Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Pride Month 2022

Please join the Graduate Division and the UCSF community in celebrating LGBTQIA+ Pride Month this June! Find opportunities to participate and to learn more below.


All month long
Pride Month Virtual Backgrounds

Provided by the Multicultural Resource Center.

June 15 | 4-6 p.m.
LGBTQ End of Year Gathering
As we gear up for LGBTQ Pride Month and the San Francisco Pride Parade, the UCSF LGBT Resource Center and the UCSF LGBTQ Committee gladly invites you to attend the annual LGBTQIA+ End of the Year Gathering! RSVP is required.

June 26 | 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.
2022 SF Pride Parade UCSF Contingent
UCSF heads once again to this year's Annual San Francisco LGBTQ Pride Celebration and Parade. The first 250 to sign up will receive instructions to pick up their event t-shirt. Please sign up before June 15!

June 28 | 1 p.m.
Out in Science: Queer Futurism in STEM
The LBGTQ+ community at Gladstone in collaboration with the Graduate and Postdoc Queer Alliance and the LGBT Resource Center at UCSF presents an online panel discussion featuring LGBTQ+ STEM professionals discussing issues affecting the queer community in the sciences, ways to transform how science is practiced, and their hopes for the future. Please register in advance for the Zoom webinar.

Find a full list of UCSF LGBTQIA+ Pride Month events on the LGBT Resource Center website.


Each month, the JEDI team makes content recommendations to create dialogue with those interested in following along. Here's what they have on their minds and in their hearts this June for Pride Month:

Cover image: The Memory Librarian by Janelle Monae


"I recently attended the book release tour for Janelle Monáe’s The Memory Librarian in San Francisco. This book is a collection of short essays and is an extension from their Dirty Computer album. I am excited to feature this book because of Janelle Monáe’s passion for liberation for Black, brown, queer, and trans people all over the world!! A must-read in honor of PRIDE month!"

– Dr. D'Anne Duncan, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Learner Success


Cover image: Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon


“Alok Vaid-Menon’s Beyond the Gender Binary is a short, simple, yet expansive book. It focuses on gender fluidity, illustrating how viewing the world of gender through a different lens can create greater freedom for everyone. In this work, they provide stories from their own perspective and experience as a gender non-conforming person, while also offering important language to combat common misconceptions about the transgender and gender non-conforming community. All in all a joyful and hopeful read for Pride Month.”

– Rebecca Wolfe, Rosenberg-Hill Graduate Research Fellow, 2021-2022


Cover image: We Have Always Been Here by Samra Habib

"The book that I would like to share is We Have Always Been Here: A Queer Muslim Memoir by Samra Habib. In this book, Habib shares their experience navigating racism, sexism, queer identity and parental expectations as an Ahmadi Muslim growing up in Pakistan and coming to Canada with their family as refugees. Habib’s memoir speaks to the importance of representation and is a powerful read for PRIDE month. If you are interested in learning more about Habib’s work, they are also the creator of “Just Me and Allah: A Queer Muslim Photo Project” that highlights stories of queer Muslims in North America and Europe."

– Jessica Ip, Diversity Programs and Events Coordinator


Cover Image: Unprotected: A Memoir by Billy Porter


"For PRIDE, I want to highlight Billy Porter. Porter is one of the many stars of the FX series Pose which ran for three seasons. Pose is an unapologetic, Black, queer show that highlights Black ballroom culture during the 1980s and early 1990s’ iterations of the AIDS epidemic from Black perspectives. Porter has also been living with HIV for several years. In his book Unprotected: A Memoir, he shares his positive status, as well as his experiences as a Black gay-identifying person who was ostracized for their effeminacy, to which his family sent him to therapy at age five to “fix” his sexuality. During the 2021 Juneteenth celebration, the Black AIDS Institute spotlighted Porter for his advocacy around HIV/AIDS awareness and for Black LGBTQ+ folks. Porter remains a beacon for Black and queer folks – especially those who identify as Black and queer – for his unapologetic speech, fashion, acting skills, and for standing for what he believes in. He and his stories are essential to Black and queer liberation."

– Antoine S. Johnson, Rosenberg-Hill Graduate Research Fellow, 2021-2022


Black and white close-up photo of Audre Lorde
Audre Lorde (K. Kendall, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)
Colorful drawing of Sylvia Rivera at 1973 Christopher Street Liberation Day March
Drawing of Sylvia Rivera at 1973 Christopher Street Liberation Day March (detail; Gary LeGault, Dramamonster at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0)


"Audre Lorde and Sylvia Rivera challenged the mainstream ideas that people exist solely as a Black or Latinx person or solely as a Queer or Trans person. Both Lorde and Rivera demonstrated that these struggles are intimately interconnected and provided us with models to approach liberation that are also connected. In the essay, 'The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House,' Lorde challenged the US mainstream approach in academia to feminism and queer liberation that utilized the tactics of racism and capitalism. Similarly, Rivera, in the speech 'Y’all Better Quiet Down Now', critiques a politic of PRIDE that “belongs to a middle-class white club” and ignores the needs of those racialized folks being subjected to sexual violence and incarceration. I appreciate Lorde and Rivera for their unwavering positions."

– Zachary Smith, Diversity and Outreach Program Manager

Learn more: Check out "50 Years of Pride". This photography exhibition, curated by Lenore Chinn and Pamela Peniston and presented by the GLBT Historical Society and the San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries, with the suppoprt of San Francisco Pride, features photographs spanning five decades of Pride celebrations in San Francisco.

Get Involved


LGBTQ Student Association (LGBTQSA)
The LGBTQ Student Association is a registered campus organization consisting of both health science students and graduate students. This is a group that has also advocated for greater campus needs of LGBTQIA+ students, such as the inclusion of gender identity and sexual orientation in the admissions process. A large task of this group is the Annual LGBTQIA+ Health Forum, a unique student-organized program that provides attendees the opportunity to learn more about the healthcare needs of the LGBTQIA+ community and become better prepared to serve patients in the clinical setting. For more information about the LGBTQ Student Association, please email Evolve Benton.

Graduate and Postdoc Queer Alliance (GPQA)
Graduate and Postdoc Queer Alliance (GPQA) seeks to create a support structure and community for LGBTQ+ individuals in academia, to heighten understanding of the interconnectedness of oppressive systems, and to highlight the importance of working together across multiple identities. GPQA serves LGBTQ+ people within the UCSF community (including graduate students, postdocs, specialists, faculty, staff) and their allies. Learn more about GPQA.

Pride in Medicine (PRIDE)
Pride in Medicine (PRIDE) works to enhance the climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identifying (LGBTQ) individuals and enrich the career and personal development of these individuals in the School of Medicine. Our mission is (1) to promote a welcoming and inclusive institutional community for LGBTQ medical students and (2) to enhance mentorship and networking opportunities for LGBTQ medical trainees to connect with LGBTQ medical professionals including residents, alumni, staff, and faculty. In addition to serving the School of Medicine, PRIDE works with the UCSF LGBT Resource Center and the inter-professional LGBTQ Student Association to support leadership and research efforts toward serving sexual minority patient populations. Learn more about PRIDE or contact [email protected] for additional information.

LGBTQ Mentoring Program
The LGBTQ Mentoring Program aims to connect LGBTQI+ students with LGBTQI+ faculty, staff, and trainee mentors. This program is open to students in the Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and the Graduate Division. Learn more about the LGBTQ Mentoring Program.  

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