Code of Conduct and Integrity of Research

Quality research requires adherence to the highest standards of integrity in proposing, conducting, and reporting research.

What to do if you witness or suspect research misconduct

Report suspected research misconduct such as fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism to [email protected]

Individuals should not undertake investigations of suspected research misconduct on their own. The Office of Ethics and Compliance is responsible for evaluating and investigating all allegations of misconduct related to research at UCSF.

Please also refer to UCSF integrity of research –

UCSF Campus Code of Conduct

The UCSF Campus Code of Conduct articulates the values and ethical practices collectively prized by the USCF campus community. It expresses the campus commitment to teaching, patient care, research, and business operations that are based on the highest ethical principles. In addition, it declares the expectation that all members of the campus community will exercise integrity and highly ethical conduct when making their contribution to the organization.

There are several campus compliance programs in various stages of development that supplement this Code of Conduct. There are also many UCSF policies and applicable federal and state laws and regulations to which the campus must also adhere. This document is intended to highlight some key issues. See the Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline for the complete policy.

Graduate Division Student Grievance Procedures

For complete student grievance and academic dismissal procedure guidelines, please see Appendix VII, Divisional Procedure for Student Grievance in Academic Affairs on the website of the UCSF Division of the UC Academic Senate.