APM 430 Insurance and Student Services Fee Policy

This policy applies to APM 430 undergraduates and graduate international students with start or renewal dates of September 1, 2021 onward.

New Student Academic Affairs and Graduate Division Policy

UCSF Student Academic Affairs (SAA) and the Graduate Division will require that sponsoring departments cover the cost of the following items on behalf of APM 430 international students participating in an initial or renewal program for 90 days or longer*:

  1. SHCS-approved primary care insurance plan (if international student)
  2. Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS)-vetted supplemental insurance and student services fees (includes fee for direct access to SHCS and select student service units)

Although encouraged, the department is not required to purchase the aforementioned items for domestic APM 430 students. Typically domestic students are already enrolled in ACA-compliant insurance. If a department would like their domestic APM 430 student to have access to UCSF’s SHCS and other select student services:

  1.  the department must cover the costs through their chart of accounts/speedtype at initial hire or upon renewal (checks not accepted),
  2. the student's appointment must be at least 90 days long, and
  3. the student must be independently enrolled in an Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant insurance plan. SAA-GD will not check insurance plans for ACA compliance. This is the responsibility of the student.

NOTE: Visiting Scholars

APM 430 visiting scholars appointed under title code 3299 (CWR015) who are on leave from an academic appointment or other employment are not eligible under this policy. If the supplemental form is completed for a CWR015 scholar, the visitor will not be covered by insurance or student services.

Student Academic Affairs and the Graduate Division understand that this policy may restrict the ability to bring APM 430 international scholars to UCSF; however, this policy ensures that the University's PRIDE values remain central to the institution’s research enterprise. APM 430 short-term programs play an essential academic function in bringing knowledge, methodologies, and perspectives to the University of California. These visitors in particular allow the University to disseminate knowledge, establish intellectual relationships with other institutions, and foster international exchanges. Providing additional protections in support of these international scholars is an extension of UCSF’s core PRIDE values.

This policy is jointly owned by SAA and the Graduate Division, with the support of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost's Office and Human Resources. The policy proposal was approved by the Graduate Council of the Academic Senate.