"My PhD research is tremendously enhanced by the collaborations I have with clinicians and surgeons at UCSF, who bring invaluable technical and clinical knowledge to our projects."
— Yiqi Cao, PhD student, Bioengineering


The UCSF-UC Berkeley Joint PhD Program in Bioengineering combines the outstanding resources and faculty in biomedical sciences at UCSF with the excellence in engineering, physical, and life sciences at UC Berkeley. Students in this highly interdisciplinary program learn to bring the methods of cutting-edge engineering to bear on some of the most pressing problems in biology and medicine.

Bioengineering is a young, but rapidly evolving discipline. The UCSF-UCB Bioengineering program offers students unparalleled opportunities to do basic and applied bioengineering research in a wide variety of related fields, reflecting the strengths and breadth of program faculty across the two campuses and in multiple departments.


There are 121 core faculty members and 67 additional affiliate faculty members in the joint program. The Bioengineering program combines the research activities of faculty from more than twenty departments from all four professional schools at UCSF together with six departments from the College of Engineering at Berkeley, as well as several non-engineering departments there.

The Bioengineering program is a member of the Quantitative Biosciences Consortium (QBC) at UCSF.


biomaterials, cell and tissue engineering
biomedical imaging
BioMEMS and nanotechnology
computational biology, bioinformatics, and genomics
​neural systems engineering and vision science
systems and synthetic biology

The Bioengineering program's UCSF office is located at the Mission Bay campus. Visit the UCSF general catalog or program website for more information.

The Bioengineering program is offered by the UCSF Graduate Division, administered by the UCSF schools of pharmacy and medicine and the UC Berkeley College of Engineering, and delivered by faculty members in the UCSF schools of pharmacy and medicine, and the UC Berkeley College of Engineering.


Program Coordinator
Victoria Starrett

Program Director
Duan Xu, PhD