Since 2014, over 300 students have served as ambassadors for basic science education in the Discovery Fellows Program.

Current Discovery Fellows

These advanced PhD students were chosen to serve as ambassadors for basic science education based on their leadership potential, excellence in research, community-mindedness, and communications skills.

Cohort XI (September 2023)

Lina Afonso, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Andres Betancourt-Torres, Oral and Craniofacial Sciences
Kenya Bonitto, Tetrad
Gabriel Braun, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Sara Casebeer, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Kevin Chen, Biomedical Sciences
Beatriz Cuevas, Neuroscience
Naz Dundar, Neuroscience
Joey Floeder, Neuroscience
Margaret Gadek, Biomedical Sciences
Chloe Ghent, Tetrad
Gabrielle Hoyer, Bioengineering
Chang Kim, Biological and Medical Informatics
Tracy Knight, Tetrad
Alex Lee, Biological and Medical Informatics
Zizheng Li, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics
Kevin Ly, Biomedical Sciences
Duncan Muir, Biophysics
Shivani  Pandey, Bioengineering
Grace Ramey, Biological and Medical Informatics
Sneha Rao, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Estelle Ronayne, Biophysics
Evan Semenza, Biomedical Sciences
Holly Steininger, Biomedical Sciences
Sunrae Taloma, Neuroscience
Caroline Whitty, Biomedical Sciences
Sydney Williams, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics
Karen Zhang , Bioengineering

Cohort X (September 2022)

Ilina Bhaya-Grossman, Bioengineering
Angeline Chemel, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Daphne Chen, Biophysics
Mitchel Cole, Biomedical Sciences
Margaret Colton Cove, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics
Marisa Grams, Neuroscience
Miguel Guardado, Biological and Medical Informatics
Fred Jiang, Neuroscience
Owen Jiang, Biomedical Sciences
Ziad Jowhar, Biomedical Sciences
Claire Kokontis, Tetrad
Jennifer Langen, Neuroscience
Cuyler Luck, Biomedical Sciences
Jesus Madrigal, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Brenda Melano-Gonzales, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics
Camille Moore, Tetrad
Jacquelyn Roger, Biological and Medical Informatics
Caleb Rux, Bioengineering
Berliza Soriano, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
David Sung, Oral and Craniofacial Sciences
Alice Tang, Bioengineering
Vanna Tran, Tetrad
Hailey Wallace, Biophysics

Cohort IX (September 2021)

Francisco Aparicio, Neuroscience
Hersh Bhargava, Biophysics
Elizabeth Bond, Tetrad
Lauren Cech, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics
Gauree Chendke, Bioengineering
Nathan Cho, Tetrad
Cambria Chou-Freed, Biomedical Sciences
Zachary Cutts, Biological and Medical Informatics
Rebecca Fang, Neuroscience
Eliza Gaylord, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Jennifer Guidera, Bioengineering
Amy Guo, Bioengineering
Karissa Hansen, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Erin Huiting, Biomedical Sciences
Ellery Jones, Neuroscience
Jordan Kleinman, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Dianne Laboy-Cintron, Biomedical Sciences
Fredrick Leon, Tetrad
Yaqiao Li, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics
Monique Lillis, Neuroscience
Ali Palla, Tetrad
Tiange (Tony) Qu, Oral and Craniofacial Sciences
Sule Sahin, Bioengineering
Wenqi Shen, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Elizabeth Sisko, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Olivia Teter, Bioengineering
Nicole Tsai, Biomedical Sciences
Regan Volk, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Cameron Wilhite, Neuroscience
Muziyue Wu, Biophysics
Jenny Zhang, Tetrad

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