Discovery Fellows Alumni

Program Alumni Who Have Completed Their PhDs

Shaun Abrams, PhD

Oral and Craniofacial Sciences

Shaun is in the DDS/PhD program, and is now completing his DDS in the UCSF School of Dentistry.

Ibraheem Ali, PhD

Biomedical Sciences

Ibraheem is currently a sciences data librarian at UCLA.

Brittany Anderton, PhD

Biomedical Sciences

After a postdoc in science policy and communication at the Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy (IFAL) at the University of California, Davis, Brittany is now associate director for research talks at iBiology, based here at UCSF.

Adam Autry, PhD


Adam is currently a postdoctoral scholar here at UCSF.

Benjamin Barad, PhD


Ben is currently a postdoc in Danielle Grotjahn's lab at Scripps Research.

Kyle Barlow, PhD

Biological and Medical Informatics

Kyle is currently a scientist at Adimab, LLC in Palo Alto.

Christine Bowman, PhD

Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics

Christine is currently an associate scientist at Genentech, where she is working on drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics.

Deanna Brackman, PhD

Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics

Deanna is a senior clinical pharmacokineticist at AbbVie.

Kenneth Burke, PhD


Kenneth is working as a software engineer in machine learning research at Google.

Roman Camarda, PhD

Biomedical Sciences

After a postdoc with mentor Eric Verdin at the Buck Institute, Roman is now working as an analyst at Aquilo Capital Management.

Andrea Cantu, PhD

Biomedical Sciences

After serving as an AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow at the U.S. Department of Defense, Andrea is now working with Strategic Analysis, Inc. as an advisory scientist to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Jessie Carr, PhD

Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics

Jessie is currently an associate program manager in product development regulatory support at Genentech

Alec Cerchiari, PhD


Alec is now a global program manager in limb preservation at Cook Medical in Bloomington, IN.

Yiran Chen, PhD


Yiran is currently a data scientist at Abbott.

Daniel Clark, DDS, PhD

Oral and Craniofacial Sciences

Daniel is continuing his training at UCSF as a postdoctoral scholar.


Program Alumni Completing their Studies at UCSF

Francesca Aloisio, Biomedical Sciences
Tarja Yvanka De Soysa, Biomedical Sciences
Kyle Fowler, Tetrad
Nathan Gamarra, Tetrad
Juliet Goldsmith, Biomedical Sciences
Nairi Hartooni, Tetrad
Benjamin Heineike, Biological and Medical Informatics
Kaitlin Hulce, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Emily Jones, Biomedical Sciences
Mara Ariel Kauss, Biomedical Sciences
John King, Neuroscience
Natalie Korn, Bioengineering
Alexis Lainoff, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences
Ashley Libby, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Alexandra Long, Tetrad
Timothy Marsh, Biomedical Sciences
Fernando Meza Gutierrez, Tetrad
Marco Mravic, Biophysics
Jonathon Muncie, Bioengineering
Ramsey Najm, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Stefan Niekamp, Biophysics
Lindsay Osso, Neuroscience
Beatriz Osuna, Tetrad
Karina Perlaza, Tetrad
Karen Ruiz, Tetrad
Perry Spratt, Neuroscience
Meena Subramaniam, Biological and Medical Informatics
Shuyu Tang, Bioengineering
Ngoc-Han Thi Tran, Tetrad
Jasper Williams, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics
Xiaowei Yan, Tetrad

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