Rosenberg-Hill Graduate Research Fellowship


As part of the Graduate Division's effort to prepare future faculty and health science leaders, this competitive fellowship is offered to support research in the health sciences and prepare students for academic careers.


  • Outstanding PhD students in the social and populational sciences who are entering years 3-6 of their program
  • No citizenship requirements
  • Students must be enrolled in one of the following programs: Global Health Sciences, History of Health Sciences, Medical Anthropology, Nursing, Sociology
  • Programs may nominate two eligible students for this fellowship. An existing fellow may be nominated for a second year.

Required Nomination Documents/Information

  • Formatted CV (5 MB limit, PDF file in CV template)
  • Unofficial UCSF Transcript (5 MB limit, PDF file)
  • Advisor Letter (5 MB limit, PDF file)
  • Student Essay (5MB limit, one page with max 650 words PDF file)
  • Research Proposal (5 MB limit, PDF file)
  • Program Director Letter (5 MB limit, PDF file)
  • PI/Advisor Name


  • Two awards
  • $49,952 stipend (academic year 2024-25) divided equally over a twelve month period, September-August
  • Resident tuition and fees
  • Student will work 20 hours per week in the Graduate Division office as an administrative intern reporting to the associate dean of Graduate Programs, the assistant dean, Office of Postdoctoral Scholars, or assistant dean, Diversity and Learner Success
  • Remainder of time is expected to be spent working on their dissertation


Each nomination requires a CV, unofficial transcript, research proposal, and a statement from the student why they want to be a Rosenberg-Hill fellow. The research proposal should be a maximum of two pages, minimum 10 pt. font. In addition, two recommendation letters are required, one from the student's advisor and the other from the graduate program director. Letters should be no more than two pages in length, minimum 10 pt. font. Student statement should be no more than one page in length, minimum 10 pt. font.



Berty DC Arreguin – Sociology
Kourtney Nham – Sociology

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Shinyi Hsieh – History of Health Sciences

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