SRTP Program Staff and Teams

Program Staff

  • Julia Clark oversees many of the logistics of running a large, dynamic 10 week residential research program. She has been involved with the SRTP since 2006.
  • D'Anne Duncan, PhD, oversees the SRTP admissions process, coordinates the weekly professional development series, supervises the graduate student advisors, and serves as a mentor to SRTP student participants 
  • Elizabeth Silva, PhD, is co-PI of the NSF-REU grant that supports the Summer Program, and provides assistance to the team as needed 
  • Robert Banuelos coordinates and supports SRTP operations with Julia Clark 
  • Jennifer Thompson manages and schedules training to handle laboratory animals and supports laboratory placements of SRTP undergraduates
  • Naika McDonald handles all expenses and reimbursements for students in the SRTP program 
  • Karen Thiemann provides budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis and reporting support

2019 Graduate Student Advisers

  • Jonathan Asfaha, PhD candidate in the Tetrad Program
  • Katie Cabral, PhD candidate in the Bioengineering Program
  • Victoria Cheung, PhD candidate in the Tetrad Program
  • Olivia Creasey, PhD candidate in the Bioengineering Program
  • Walter Mancia, PhD candidate in the Biomedical Sciences Program
  • Nate Meyer, PhD candidate in the Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Program
  • Sophia Tan, PhD candidate in the Biological and Medical Informatics Program
  • Sumitra Tatapudy, PhD candidate in the Tetrad Program


photos of all grad student advisers
(left to right top) Asfaha, Cabral, Cheung, and Creasey; (left to right bottom) Mancia, Meyer, Tan, and Tatapudy


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