Who is Eligible?

In order to be eligible for the Summer Research Programs at UCSF, students must:

  • Be a currently-enrolled undergraduate student. (We cannot accept students who will have earned their bachelor's degree by the end of the spring 2019 quarter.)
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. We cannot accept international students.
  • Have a desire to pursue a PhD in one of the disciplines offered by the UCSF Graduate Division in life/health sciences listed in the program description.
  • Have completed at least four semesters or six quarters of undergraduate study prior to the beginning of the Summer Program.
  • Be able to participate for the entirety of the program.

Preference will be given to students who have:

  • at least one year of research experience at your current institution
  • a GPA of at least 3.0
  • excellent letters of recommendation (At least one should come from your faculty research mentor/supervisor.)
  • demonstrated emotional maturity and seriousness about pursuing a PhD or MD/PhD in the health sciences

UCSF's most successful Summer Research students:

  • Are mature students who are looking for an opportunity to show that they have what it takes to succeed in graduate level research
  • Are flexible and will make the most of the summer experience and the opportunity to become part of a lab group
  • Are punctual and participate fully in all aspects of the program
  • Are assets to the program and the other students in it
  • Are team-players

Please DO NOT apply if:

  • You are primarily interested in pursuing an MD or other non-PhD degree
  • UCSF does not offer a PhD program in the subject you are interested in pursuing
  • You cannot handle living in a large, metropolitan city on your own, with minimal supervision
  • You are looking for a free summer vacation (We have high expectations of our students! This is a challenging program, which will require your full-time attention and a lot of hard work.)
  • You cannot take your eyes off your cellphone, tablet, or laptop during a seminar or lecture
  • Note: If your parent/guardian contacts UCSF about the status of your application, we will take this as a sign that you may not be ready to take on this program.

Commitment to Diversity
The UCSF Graduate Division advocates and works for diversity—in the many senses of the word—and recognizes that the inclusion of students with a broad range of backgrounds and perspectives improves both the practice of science and the educational experience for everyone in our programs. Underrepresented, socioeconomically disadvantaged, first-generation college students, students with disabilities, and students with limited access to research laboratories are encouraged to apply.

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