Translational Medicine MTM

The Master of Translational Medicine program (MTM) trains students to solve fundamental problems in healthcare innovation. Within the MTM, trainees gain experience solving real world problems in a creative, multi-disciplinary team setting.

As a joint program between UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley, the MTM provides a unique combination of engineering, business, and clinical expertise. The program revolves around a professionally oriented, team-based capstone project experience with mentorship from academic leaders, clinical specialists, and industry professionals. Students join the learning communities on both campuses, taking elective classes in engineering, business, public health, and more.


The faculty director of the MTM program is Dr. Shuvo Roy. Numerous other faculty participate for specific courses or modules.

Career Outcomes

MTM graduates pursue numerous career paths after graduation. Most find careers in industry, with program graduates working in consulting, at medical device companies large and small, as well as in biotech.

A smaller portion of MTM graduates have continued their education, typically pursuing MD or PhD degrees.

A number of MTM students have taken time out of their medical education or clinical practice to develop the skills for translating new ideas into improved clinical outcomes.

The MTM program office at UCSF is located at the Mission Bay campus. (At UC Berkeley the office is in Stanley Hall.) Please visit the program website for more information.

The MTM program is offered by the UCSF Graduate Division, administered jointly by the UCSF Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences and the UC Berkeley Bioengineering Department, and delivered by faculty members in the UCSF schools of medicine and pharmacy and in UCB's College of Engineering.


Admissions Inquiries
[email protected]

Faculty Director
Shuvo Roy, PhD

Executive Director
Verna Manty Rodriguez