Dissertation and Thesis Guidelines

The submission of your electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD) is the final step in the awarding of your degree. The finished document is a scholarly work, and something to be proud of — the result of a long period of preparation and research.

Allowing enough time for all the required steps, paying attention to deadlines, and adhering to the format guidelines are crucial. Follow these guidelines carefully to ensure the process goes smoothly. The electronic copy of your thesis, dissertation, or manuscript, which you submit to the Graduate Division through ProQuest, is deposited in the UCSF Library and becomes an official and permanent record available for use by other scholars and the public. Your committee will guide you in the content of your manuscript, and your graduate program may specify certain elements of style in addition to the prescribed format for all programs.

Please note: deadline extensions are not granted.

Deadlines for Winter 2022 Graduates (ProQuest Degree Date: March 2022)

Deadline Type Deadline Date
Students can begin submitting manuscripts for this term † January 3, 2022
Graduate Division to begin reviewing submissions † February 7, 2022

First draft due to ProQuest *†
(This will initiate the formatting check process. The Graduate Division Dean's Office will review your manuscript and provide feedback. You will then update your manuscript and resubmit, the Graduate Division Dean's Office will review your submission again, etc., until you have a formatted version. Students should check their email regularly!)

March 7, 2022 (no later than)
Notice of approved manuscript must be received by 5 p.m.**
(All students must have a notice of approved manuscript by this day. Students should NOT be submitting drafts for review on this date. All drafts must be submitted before this date in order to be reviewed by the deadline date. Please plan accordingly. Exceptions for submission are not made.)
March 16, 2022
Survey of Earned Doctorates (external link) March 15, 2022
Doctoral Exit Survey (The survey link is manually sent to your UCSF email account upon submitting your dissertation to ProQuest. The Graduate Division Dean's Office will be notified when you complete this survey.) March 15, 2022
Signed title page (begin this process early in the event a committee member is not available later) March 15, 2022

†Neither committee approval nor a signed title page is required for a formatting review. However, the title page is required by the deadline.
*A signed title page is not required for the initial submission.
**Students must have received an acceptance confirmation by this date. This will be the version to send to publishing. Students submitting after this deadline will need to register for the subsequent term or go on Filing Fee, if eligible.