Final Steps

Required Surveys

  • PhD students must complete the "Survey of Earned Doctorates" (SED) on the website of the National Opinion Research Center/National Science Foundation. Taking the survey is a two-part process. First, you must register and provide a valid email address, and then you will be sent a confirmation email with your PIN and password to access the survey. When registering, please be sure to use UC San Francisco as the institution name on the web form. Once you have completed the online survey, a notification will be automatically sent to the Graduate Division Dean's Office.
  • PhD students must also complete the "Doctoral Exit Survey" online. The survey link is manually sent to your UCSF email account upon submitting your dissertation to ProQuest - please be patient for this to arrive as your submission may be in a queue (this may take a few weeks if you submit far in advance of the deadline). Once completed, you will not need to send the Graduate Division Dean's Office your results as we will automatically be notified.
  • DNP students are not required to take either survey mentioned above.

Instructions for Submitting the Title Page

Initiate the process by selecting the appropriate title page submission link below and entering your name and email, and the names and emails of your committee members in the online DocuSign form. DocuSign will then email you a confirmation after which you will be able to add the title of your manuscript and select your program and degree objective.

  • NOTE: You MUST use your UCSF email address ( in order to track and download your title page. Using a non-UCSF email address (such as gmail or lab-based accounts) will cause you to lose your title page.

If you made an error on your title page and require corrections, please contact the Graduate Division Dean's Office at [email protected] Please do not initiate a new title page.

► UCSF-based Programs        ► Joint programs with UC Berkeley

  • Once you have submitted the title page, DocuSign will email a form to all committee members simultaneously for their signatures. You can see which signatures have been obtained in your UCSF DocuSign account. (Access this through MyAccess!) It is your responsibility to ensure that all signatures are received by the last business day of the quarter in which you wish to graduate.
  • Once the document is signed, you, the Graduate Division Dean's Office, and all committee members will receive a PDF copy. You must include this signed title page in the manuscript that is submitted to ProQuest. You do not need to submit a paper copy to the Graduate Division offices. Append the title page PDF to the PDF of your manuscript that you created in preparation for upload to ProQuest. This tutorial will guide you how to add PDF pages to a PDF file.
  • DEADLINE: You can view upcoming deadlines on the main ETD page.

Please email [email protected] with any questions regarding this process.

Submitting Your Thesis or Dissertation to ProQuest

  • Be sure to review the thesis/dissertation formatting and content guidelines carefully and follow them to the letter.
  • Please also follow the ProQuest profile requirements to ensure you have included all the correct content in your ProQuest account.
  • The FIRST DRAFT submission does not have to include your signed title page, UCSF Publishing Agreement, or even all your content. You may use placeholders; however, the majority of the manuscript should be complete at this late stage.
  • Your thesis or dissertation may require revisions, so it is imperative that you submit early, and that you watch for messages requesting changes. 
  • Your submission must be fully approved – including the final formatting check – by the posted deadline on the Dissertation and Thesis Guidelines homepage.  Students should NOT be submitting manuscripts on this deadline as manuscripts should be under final review for approval on this date.
  • As stated above, your final submission must include the DocuSign title page with all required signatures and the UCSF Library Release (with final page number).
    • In addition to the title page, completed transcript, and the UCSF Library Release, both surveys (below) must be completed by the posted deadline.

Ready to submit?

All theses and dissertations are now automatically transferred from ProQuest to eScholarship, the University of California's open access publishing platform. Students should no longer select the ProQuest Open Access publishing option, since eScholarship offers the same benefits without charge.

► Upload your thesis or dissertation to ProQuest

NOTE: Please do NOT upload your thesis or dissertation outside of the submission window for your term. Doing so will cause your manuscript to be withdrawn by the ProQuest administrator as it will interfere with the current term's graduates.