Guidelines for Submitting a Thesis, Dissertation, or Manuscript

The submission of your thesis, dissertation, or manuscript is the final step in the awarding of your degree. The finished document is a scholarly work, and something to be proud of — the result of a long period of preparation and research. Follow these guidelines carefully to ensure the process goes smoothly.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are in a period of staff transition, and our Mission Hall Student Services office will be temporarily closed. See below for guidance on where to submit your title page. 

General Guidelines

Allowing enough time for all the required steps, paying attention to deadlines, and adhering to the required format guidelines are crucial. The electronic copy of your thesis, dissertation, or manuscript, which you submit to the Graduate Division through Proquest, is deposited in the UCSF Library and becomes an official and permanent record available for use by other scholars and the public. Your committee will guide you in the content of your manuscript, and your graduate program may specify certain elements of style in addition to the prescribed format for all programs.

How much time will the submission process take? It can be difficult to estimate the time it will take for your thesis, dissertation, or manuscript to be read, revised, and approved. Leave plenty of time to submit work and be aware that faculty may be unavailable during the summer and holidays at the end of the fall quarter. Also, any formatting problems that require revision after you upload documents may delay the approval process, so you would be wise to allow extra time for this too.

What are the deadlines? The deadline for submitting the thesis or dissertation is the last working day of the quarter. Please refer to the UCSF academic calendar for this date. We strongly urge students to initiate submission of the thesis/dissertation and the original signed title page at least 10 business ahead of this deadline. In most cases, revisions will be necessary before you can finalize the submission. If the final thesis/dissertation, and associated documents, are not submitted by the deadline you must either register or go on filing fee status for the next quarter. In order to be on the degree list, you must either be registered or on filing fee status for the quarter. (Read more about filing fee status.)

How do I submit the final documents? Theses, dissertations, and manuscripts must be submitted online through Proquest. Note that the options you choose when submitting your document to Proquest, e.g. publishing options, copyright services, etc., will affect costs. UCSF covers the cost of the traditional publishing option for all students. If you choose open access publishing, then you are responsible for the difference between the traditional publishing fee and the open access fee. Likewise, if you choose to have Proquest apply for a copyright on your behalf or if you desire any other service (e.g. binding or printing), then you are responsible for additional fees. See the Proquest website for more information on pricing and the various options available. Once you submit your documents to Proquest, the Graduate Division will review them to make sure you have included the following:

  1. Full copy of your thesis, dissertation, or manuscript with correct pagination (as a pdf file). See format specifications.
  2. First page of the document (as a pdf file): a scanned copy of the title page for your program with the written signatures of each committee member. Download the required title page in the forms section of this site.
  3. Last page of the document (as a pdf file): the signed library release form.

Additional steps required

  1. Please deliver the original signed title page only to us at the Graduate Division Office, on the 3rd floor of the Rutter/Community Center (Room CC310, 1675 Owen Street San Francisco) - on the Mission Bay campus. Or you can send it to us via campus mail box 0523.
  2. Alternatively, you may mail this document to: UC San Francisco, Graduate Division Attn: Ellen Levitan Campus Box 0523, Room CC310, 1675 Owen Street San Francisco, CA 94143. Note: If using a courier service e.g. Fedex, use the zip code 94158. If sending the signed title page via campus mail, please send to campus box 0523, attention of Ellen Levitan. Download the required title page in the forms section of this site.
  3. PhD students must also complete the "Survey of Earned Doctorates" online, on the website of the National Opinion Research Center/National Science Foundation. Taking the survey is a two-part process. First, you must register and provide a valid email address, then you will be sent a confirmation email with your PIN and password to access the survey. When registering, please be sure to use UC San Francisco as the institution name on the web form. Once you have completed the online survey, a notification will be automatically sent to the Graduate Division.
  4. PhD students must also complete the "Doctoral Exit Survey" online (through Qualtrics). The Graduate Division will automatically be notified when you complete this survey.

Still have questions?

Read more about:

Questions about content, citation style, and specific program requirements may be addressed to your thesis, dissertation, or manuscript committee or graduate program. Questions regarding format, deadlines, and online submission may be directed to: Office of the Registrar, [email protected]